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Lucignano, the fortified hamlet called “the pearl of Val di Chiana Valley”, is one of the most interesting examples of medieval town planning with its distinctive elliptic shape and its concentric ring roads.
The village maintains its intact old appeal and it has been able to preserve a quiet and peaceful aspect where rural and craft traditions provide the tourist with an excellent variety of products. Lucignano has been given Touring Club orange flag as a note of tourist and ecological quality.

During the year the village offers many festivals and events:

* “Cammin Mangiando” (on 3rd Sunday of June): a wine-and-food walking among the most representative places of the town territory with stalls for the tasting of local food and wines.

* “Notte Bianca” (the Saturday before 1st Sunday of July).

* “Calici di Stelle” (10th August): a wine-and-food tasting in the charming setting of San Lorenzo night.

* “Memorie del Passato” (last Sunday of September): a historical and cultural recollection of rural life at the end of XIX century along the streets of the old town.

* “Fiera dell’Olio Nuovo” (on 3rd Sunday of December): a show, tasting and selling of the new extra-virgin olive oil just made by the local producers.

* “Fiera del Ceppo” (on Christmas Eve): a show and selling of typical local produce.

* “Maggiolata” (last two Sundays of May): traditional Spring fete with a parade of floats decorated with thousands of flowers and bands along the streets of the historical centre.

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